KZ400 Blood Tracker

The KZ400 is a UV LED light that emits a spectrum of ultraviolet light with wavelengths ranging from 395-400 nanometers. The KZ400 UV light can aid in the tracking of wounded animals by turning blood into a dark black making it stand out depending on terrain. It can also be used to search for pesky scorpions, find stains left from dogs, cats or mice, currency validation, AC refrigerant dye leak detection, fluorescent hand stamp verification, document and lab analysis, hairline crack detection, painting authentication and gem inspection.

What is included when you purchase the KZ400 UV flashlight?

1.) One 5 1/2 inch aluminum body KZ400 395-400nm UV flashlight.
2.) One lanyard

The KZ400 utilizes a single 18650 lithium-ion rechareable battery. The battery will need to be purchased separately.


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