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Free shipping on orders over $75!

Acebeam H30

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$ 119.90
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LED Options: 5000k+Red+Nichia219C

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by Acebeam

Acebeam H30 - 4000 Lumens High Power LED Rechargeable Headlamp 

With a maximum lumen output of 4000 lumens, the revolutionary new Acebeam H30 LED Rechargeable Headlamp promises to be the brightest headlight on the market. The H30 would be a superb choice for illuminating areas filled with darkness and poor visibility conditions.  Having a reliable light source like the Acebeam H30 will surely come in handy. As a rechargeable headlamp, the H30 is perfect for lighting your way during outdoor activities such as hunting, camping, bicycling, running, hiking, skiing, caving, and more. With a throw distance of up to 208 meters, the Acebeam H30 is the perfect tool to help you see in those dark areas when camping. In addition, it gives off a bright light that will scare away any animals or people who disturb your campsite while you're sleeping!

Acebeam H30 LED Options

The new H30 headlamp offers six brightness levels plus an SOS mode. It also provides a variety of LED options to enrich your usage scenarios. These include Red+UV, Red+CRI, and Red+Green. The H30 uses red Cree XPE2-R2, green CREE XPE2-G3, and white Cree XHP70.2 LED bulbs —thus improving the product's versatility.

Acebeam's H30 Mode Switching

The H30 features two different switches at the top of the headlamp. The round switch offers access to different options, including the green light, red light, and the different brightness levels. On the other hand, the square switch is used for powering the headlamp and enables you to switch between Turbo-max, ultra-low, and red SOS modes. 

Acebeam H30 Rechargeable LED Headlamp

For charging, the rechargeable Acebeam H30 Headlamp charges best with a 5v 2a-rated adapter and can double up as a power bank. With a USB-C port, the H30 offers built-in high-speed charging—which is three times faster than many other rechargeable headlamps. 

Acebeam's H30 Rechargeable Battery Options

The H30 headlamp boasts a sturdy all-aluminum construction with a Type III anodized coat finish and uses a powerful CREE XHP70.2 LED powered by a single 21700 rechargeable battery or a 18650 battery. The surface of aluminum objects treated with Type III anodizing has increased resistance to wear and corrosion, making it perfect flashlights. This process also makes these products more durable - which means they'll last longer! This headlamp features a lightweight adjustable strap with a flexible stretch to ensure a secure fit with no bounce or wobble. 

What is included with the Acebeam H30 headlamp?

The H30 headlamp comes in a compact and attractive box with all the following contents: 

  • Headlamp Unit
  • High-capacity 21700 battery
  • Headband
  • Two-way USB-C style charging cable 
  • 18650 battery adapter.
  • Two spare O-rings
  • Warranty Card
  • Li-on Battery Warning Card

The H30 uses an intelligent circuitry mechanism to prevent overheating. It also is available in two color temperature options to choose from: Neutral White (5000k) and Cool White (6500 K). A shallow bezel provides more protection to the durable, hardened glass lens. 

The H30 has an IPX8 waterproof rating and carries an impact resistance rating of 1 meter. An automatic temperature control system senses the ambient temperature while regulating the light output to control heat and ensure optimal performance. That incredible power coupled with a secure headband and sweat channels combines to make the Acebeam H30 light the ultimate lighting tool for athletes and other outdoor enthusiasts. The feature-rich and reasonably priced Acebeam H30 rechargeable LED Headlamp is undoubtedly a versatile lighting tool for a wide range of activities—including reading, work, entertainment, fishing, hunting, camping, cycling, backpacking, rafting, orienteering, and emergency applications, among others. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Tom S.
Light Up The Sky!

Works Great!
Haven't had to go to the higher outputs to use around the house. The low settings work fine. Lights up the back yard great (200')

Scott M.
Awesome light

Awesome light. Better than anything you’ll find on the shelves elsewhere. Can even charge your phone or other devices if your in a bind with supplied charge cable. Only small complaint is the rubberized light mount. It comes with two, but avoid taking it completely off and on as much as possible. The rubber rings the light slides through to mount will start to tear if you take it completely off and on often. I recommend leaving it in the mount to keep that from happening. The light is awesome though! Seems very well built. Very bright for a headlamp.

Acebeam H30

In February 2022 I had a celebration on at a buddies land and after doing doughnuts in a lot of mud, i hopped out and promptly dropped my H30 into deep mud and could not find it. I assumed it was lost and gone.

Now at the end of April this same guy is clearing the mud-field-turned-dirt and found my flashlight still there. He brought it over and after bring submerged in freezing mud and rain in the middle of a Maine winter, first click and my light turned right on. Battery held charge, all light functions work, no dimming. Incredibly impressed by this light. I've included some photos of when he brought it over.

Tim B.
Great light, fast shipping

5K Red / UV version:

Red is slightly brighter than I think it needs to be, and the included battery is too long to charge in a Gyrfalcon All-44. Those 2 things are my only quibbles

Works fine with Sony VTC6A and some older iJoy 20700 I had laying around. Good battery life

UI is relatively easy to figure out, the headstraps are quite nice, the mount is just taunt enough to hold an angle once set, all in all just a great piece of kit for camping, cycling, and an occasional scorpion hunt

Shipping was amazingly fast, out the door the same day

Brightest flashliight i could buy

Amazing flashlight. Not only the brightest but stays bright and doesn't throttle down longer (by about 20 minutes on highest setting) than any flashlight I have ever worked with. the red light for night is icing on the cake.

Todd U.

I am so impressed with my purchase! The light is way better than I could imagine! With the help of Jody a killzone we figured out the right light combination that would work for me! Very happy with everything and definitely would do business with killzone again!!

Brian I.
Great Headlamp

Very nice ly made with durable waterproof construction. It’s great that it has lower settings for up close detailed viewing and a lot of bright flood to light up large open areas. Perfect for everything I need.

Frank N.
Bike Helmet Light

Bought the 5000k+Red+Nichia219C to mount on my bike helmet. My bike has rear lights & a static front light. With this light on my helmet and my head as the pivot, the height and pivoting advantage gives vehicles a huge boost in awareness to my presence. Puts out tons of lumens. I'm a proponent of DTL's (daytime lights), but will occasionally ride in the earliest of mornings when it's still dark. Detaching it from the supplied harness is easy and you don't need to cut anything. I attached it to my helmet using a combination of velcro, double sided 3M VHB tape, and Gorilla Glue. The red string in the picture is just a failsafe with a reef knot, it doesn't even need to be there because the whole thing is solid even if I shake the helmet up and down. Initially I thought that I would be bothered by the weight & how it makes my helmet front heavy, but when I'm riding, I don't notice it at all. Jody McCarty is helpful and quick to answer any questions should you have any. Killzone Flashlights is the best!

Larry P.
What a Great headlight from a Great Store.

Acebeam H30 is one of my favorite Headlights. Using a 21700 5100 Milliamp battery makes a long-running light also. With the 1850 adapter, you can use other cells. The battery tested almost to quoted numbers. The 4000 Lumens make it a very bright light with two other choices, red and white. Also, the heat built-up is not that bad. Jody at Killzone will give you the best advice and price online. I have found nothing like the service and caring for what he gives to his customers. He makes you feel good about your purchases. And one other thing, he ships your order faster than anyone on the internet. It's a pleasure to shop there.

Mark S.
5 star Review

I was very pleased with my Killzone headlamp - by far, the brightest one I have owned. On an elk hunt, I couldn't get it to recharge - when I got home, I contacted Jody &Co, and they were fast and accurate with diagnosing the problem (it was all my fault!) and returning my headlamp to me. Once again, the light's performance is exemplary. I recommend this light to anyone who needs a LOT of illumination - coon hunters, hog hunters, nighttime predator hunters - as well as hikers and campers.