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Free shipping on orders over $100!

Skilhunt M150 High-CRI 5000k V2

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LED: High-CRI 5000K Samsung LH351D

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 Skilhunt M150 High-CRI 5000k V2 Flashlight

The Skilhunt M150 High-CRI 5000k V2 Flashlight is a great, dual-power AA/14500 long-lasting flashlight that uses magnetic charging technology. Magnetic charging allows the owner to quickly attach the charging cable to the flashlight without removing the battery or exposed charging ports that are prone to damage. The magnetic USB charger has a clear, easy-to-see indicator that tells you when charging has been completed. The M150 has great runtimes. The M150 flashlight not only lasts much longer than other flashlights, but it also offers brighter light and more mode options in a small and compact package!

The LED Samsung LH351D High-CRI 5000K offers spotlight intensity when needed with a maximum beam distance of 110 meters, and it's powerful enough to deliver 750 lumens. The 3-inch design of this flashlight makes it perfect for carrying around in your pocket and still supplying you with enough light for any situation. The included lanyard and pocket clip provides various options for taking the Skilhunt M150 with you daily. The durable construction makes this a rugged choice for any situation, whether you're hiking or on patrol. It's IPX8 waterproof and has a type III anodized coating to keep it looking good while withstanding whatever life throws at it! The Skilhunt M150 flashlight features an automatic lockout function that keeps it from being accidentally switched on.

If you’re looking for a high-quality, long-lasting flashlight that offers both AA and 14500 battery power options as well as magnetic charging technology, the Skilhunt M150 High-CRI 5000k V2 flashlight is perfect. This amazing flashlight not only offers longer runtimes than other similar devices but also brighter lighting with more mode options in its small body! Get yours today from our online store!

Skilhunt M150 High-CRI 5000k V3 with Nichia 519A can be found here. 

Spare charging cable can be found here.


Protected EVVA 14500 spare cells can be found here.

 Skilhunt M150 High-CRI 5000k V2 Flashlight Specs

LED: High-CRI 5000K Samsung LH351D
Max output: ANSI 750 Lumens
Max runtime: Few months
Max beam distance: 110 m (14500) / 61 m (Ni-MH)
Max peak beam intensity: 3000 cd (14500) / 930 cd (Ni-MH)
Waterproof: IPX-8
Impact resistant: 1 Meter
Battery: 1×14500 , 1x AA (14500 Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery Included)
Protected or button-top cells are recommended.

Rated Range: 0.8V ~ 4.2V

Skilhunt M150 Dimensions

Length 84.0mm / 3.30 inch
Head diameter 21.0mm / 0.82 inch
Body diameter 18.0mm / 0.71 inch
Weight: 34 g / 1.20 oz (without battery)
Accessories: User manual, Spare O-rings, Lanyard, Clip, Magnetic Charging Cable.

1. Battery installation & magnet replacement:
Insert the battery positive pole toward the light head, otherwise, it will not work. When the light turning on, the beam is directed away from the eyes. When taking the light with Bankcards(magnetic) or cellphone, should replace the Magnet with the rubber pad.

  1. Turn-ON/OFF & Mode transfer

Transfer Mode A / Mode B:

When the headlamp is turned off without lockout, hold press side switch 5 seconds, the light will flash three times faster then flash three times slow.


Mode Group A

When the flashlight was OFF status:

Click the switch to memorized the brightness level.

Quickly double click switch to Turbo(T1/T2).

Quickly triple-click the switch to Strobe(S1) mode.

Press switch 0.5 seconds to Low(L1/L2) mode.


When the flashlight was ON(any mode) status:

Press and hold the side switch 0.5 seconds to turn off.


  1. Brightness & mode selection:

Brightness level:

Press side switch to Low-Mid-High-Turbo, cycle.

Quickly double press the side switch to Sub-level(i.e between L1 & L2), turn off memorized the last brightness.

Quickly triple press to Special modes.


Special modes:

Quickly triple press the side switch to Strobe (S1), then double-click to switch S1/S2/S3 mode, Press side switch back to previous brightness level.


Mode Group B

When the flashlight was OFF status:

Click the switch to memorized the brightness level.

Press switch 0.5 sec, to L2.

Quickly double click switch to Turbo(T1) mode.

Quickly triple press to Special modes(S1).


When the flashlight was ON(any mode) status:

Click the switch to turn off.

On Common used levels(Editable):

Hold press switch, brightness levels automatic cycle, and selected mode by button released. Click the switch to turn off.

Quickly triple press enter to Edit levels.

On Special modes:


Quickly double click switch to transfer mode S1/S2/S3,click switch to turn off.

Hold press side switch 1 second to adjust the S1/S2/S3 brightness output level in Low, medium or high.

Quickly triple press to restore to the factory default flash modes.


Edit Levels:

— Support to 2 ~ 7 common used levels can be selected

–Enter to edit level, 7  levels circle automatically. The selected level, side switch indicator is on. Not selected brightness, side switch indicator is off.

–Factory’s default levels: L2-M2-H2-T2. The indicator light on synchronously when levels automatic cycles.

–Selected / Not selected brightness, Click side switch to turn on / off the corresponding indicator.


-. All selected finished, hold press 1 second the side switch save selected and quit edit mode. The light will be flash three times, and back to the lowest selected level.

-. Restore the factory default levels: Enter to edit level, then click side switch three times. (Light will be turned off after three clicks.)


4.Location indicator & Lock-out function

When turning off the flashlight, press switch 1.5 seconds, location indicator switch on and lock-out function activation at the same time, click switch only can switch the indicator on/off, the indicator light flashes every second, locate the flashlight, Easily find the flashlight in the dark quickly. Press switch 1.5 sec, switch unlock, and enter into low mode.


  1. Power indicator

Every time turn on, the side indicator will be light 5 seconds to display the battery power.

Blink four times: battery power in 100%~80%;

Blink three times: battery power in 80%~50%;

Blink twice: battery power in 50%~20%;

Blink one time: battery power below 20%.

1. Super bright & the latest Samsung LH351D, Max 750 lumens. High-Performance, High-Efficiency, and energy conservation.
2. New U.D.O.C Reflector. Increased reflectivity over 10%., Efficiency reflection, perfect beamshot, excellent structure, and temperature resistance.
3. The built-in magnetic charging system, fast charge, and convenient.
4. Rugged indestructible aluminum body with anti-scratching type III hard anodization
5. Multi-level dissipating heat design and new copper starboard, excellent heat dissipation. Flashlight head integrated construction, high thermal conductivity.
6.Side switch button to transferring mode user-friendly interface to adjust output.
7. Two-mode groups to meet different use habits, suitable for different environments.
8. A wide input range provides more choices for batteries. High-efficiency driver circuit, no visible flash in any mode.
9. Automatic memory function, remember last used setting, and can be preset to specific output mode for instant access.
10.Intelligent temperature control technology for flashlight stable and safe use.
11. Reverse polarity protection, to protect from improper battery installation.
12. When turning off, hold press button to activate the lockout function. Avoid light turn on by unexpected.
13. When light lockout, the location indicator will flash, easily get the light in dark.
14. Magnetic tail, can be used on many special occasions, use as candlelight, etc.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

I love this light! It makes a fantastic EDC light with plenty of capabilities for most situations. I very pleased with it! I think I will buying these for Christmas presents next year.

William C.
Excellent light!

Fantastic little flashlight! Very bright, ton of modes, and I love the fact that it will basically run on anything.

Aaron L.
Best 14500 light I know of

Basically, this light does everything pretty well. The UI is good, the emitter is good, the reflector optic gives a nice overall beam pattern, the size is about what I'd consider ideal for EDC, has magnetic charging but uses standard batteries, and will run on any battery that will fit. In fact, I think a few minor changes would make it perfect (on the off-chance the Skilhunt development team sees this). First, I'd like the option of manual mode memory instead of last-mode memory, especially in the mode B UI that seems to be what most people prefer. Second, I'd prefer the electronic lockout to be a triple click from off instead of a long hold, and I'd remap the long hold to turning on at minimum and then cycling up through the modes. It would also be nice to have some warmer and less green LED options, since the 351D has just enough of a tint to be slightly annoying. Anyway, all of these minor flaws are things I can live with, so this is absolutely a good little light. Also takes the same charger as the H04RC and every other Skilhunt light, which is nice.

James F.
great pocket light

This has been a great little light. The battery life has been more than sufficient and it'll get very bright if needed. My only complaint is the switch is easily bumped on. It does have a lockout feature though so that helps.

Marc L.
Nice EDC light

Nice brightness and portability, I particularly enjoy the battery life and magnetic tail.

Sam C.
Great little work light

I work in a large 100k+ square foot grow house. I wear shorts, so I was in need of a good light weight light, but with more powerful than my little lumitop. This light fits that role perfectly. About to purchase 3 x H03's for the green light for inside the grow rooms during the plants night. Would love to see a green filter or a green and white version of this light.

Alexander K.
Updated: decent nice flashlight

I had problems with battery at first, but it turned out head was not tightened well, support team helped extremely quick on this one!

High quality, solid feel.
Nice and bright. Magnet is super convenient.
I didn't expect it to be that small - that's handy for EDC or just having it in pocket (or in holding in mouth). Though just holding it in bare hands - slightly inconvenient (too small).
It also works from conventional AA batteries.

I don't like / understand that super dimmed mode, when you think you turned it off (but actually it's still slightly shining), or you think it's not turning on, but it actually turned on into the least bright mode.

Weird unusual charger socket, i'd prefer standard microusb, because i have those cables all over the house/car/office. But i guess it's just hard to add it into that form factor.

We would like to help you get this fixed. Please send us a message to so we can get it fixed for you.

Good little light!

The Skilhunt M150 is a great little pocket light.

+The type III anodizing and grippy sides have a very "premium" feel, making it very satisfying to hold and use (or fidget with of course).
+The bezels around the lens and the button & charging contact are a beautiful blue stainless that really catch the eye.
+The beam is nice and smooth thanks to the orange peel reflector and has a lot of spill, making it ideal for up-close work (a good quality for an EDC light).
+The charging is quick and simple thanks to the magnetic charger, and the recessed middle contact on this charging connector makes the likelihood of shorting minimal.
+Small and easy to pocket
+High CRI

Neutral (subjective):
=I'm not sure the side-button is to my taste as it is easily activated in the pocket if kept alongside other items, but the electronic lockout is easy to operate and you should be mechanically locking out your lights anyway.
=I'm not a fan of magnets on lights because I keep them in the same pocket as my wallet and keys-- on the few days that I have carried this light, it had attached to my keys and I very nearly dropped both. This is of course not something I would have known until trying a light with a magnet.
=The threads on the light are hard to engage when closing the light back up, however this is mostly a non-issue if you are using the included battery and therefore the magnetic charging.
=Not a fan of the Group A interface, specifically holding the button down to turn the light off, however the Group B is a great interface, very similar to my Zebralight.

-The diminutive size of this light might make it hard to hold if you have larger hands.
-AA/14500 are limited in power and battery life.

Overall a good light for EDC purposes but I think that a single 18650 light is a better choice due to greater brightness, extended battery life and their slight larger form-factor. I think the Skilhunt M200 would be a better choice.