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Free shipping on orders over $75!

Skillhunt – High-Intensity Flashlights

Increased reflectivity, indestructible aluminum coatings with anti-scratching properties, and adjustable light modes make Skillhunt’s flashlights an all-around solid choice for anyone needing a practical, high-intensity flashlight. Rechargeable batteries paired with the energy-efficient design of the lights make for longevity that you won’t find in other flashlights. Along with efficiency and durability, some of Skillhunt’s designs offer unique additions like magnetic tops and waterproofing. Whether for hunting and camping or for everyday practical use, these flashlights will provide convenient illumination for years to come.  

Take a look through our collection of Skillhunt high-intensity flashlights to find the hunting or travel light that suits you best.

  • Skilhunt M150 High-CRI 4500k V3

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       Skilhunt M150 High-CRI 4500k V3 Flashlight The Skilhunt M150 High-CRI 5000k V3 Flashlight is a great, dual-power AA/14500 long-lasting flashli...

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