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Free shipping on orders over $75

Lumintop – Small, High-Powered Flashlights

With more than 10 years of experience in the field, Lumintop is a leader in professional flashlight design and manufacturing. They make dependable EDC (everyday carry) lights, heavy-duty outdoor flashlights, headlamps, and small, high-powered flashlights like their GT Nanos. Long lifespans, clips, and durable materials make these flashlights ideal for everyday use as well as professional use in outdoor or work settings. Along with practicality, Lumintop is known for their sleek designs, multiple color options, and unique look. They make excellent gifts for anyone who could use a handy light source.

Check out our collection of Lumintop’s small, high-powered flashlights to find the perfect companion for your work or travels.


  • Lumintop Flashlights Lumintop IYP07
    Sold out

    Lumintop IYP07

    Original price $ 21.95 - Original price $ 21.95
    Original price
    $ 21.95
    $ 21.95 - $ 21.95
    Current price $ 21.95

    Lumintop IYP07 Flashlight IYP07 is the shortening version from the classic and best-selling pen light IYP365. It inherits the slim and smooth pen-...

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  • Lumintop Flashlights Lumintop IYP365
    Sold out

    Lumintop IYP365

    Original price $ 21.90 - Original price $ 21.90
    Original price
    $ 21.90
    $ 21.90 - $ 21.90
    Current price $ 21.90

    Lumintop IYP365 Flashlight IYP365 is a portable multifunction pen flashlight. There are three kinds of materials versions to meet your unique dema...

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