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Free shipping on orders over $100!

Lumintop FW3A

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Lumintop FW3A Flashlight

Thank you for supporting this BLF community project. The FW3A EDC flashlight was designed by Fritz15 and the flashlight forums TLF & BLF. The design was brought to life by Lumintop. It is an ultra-compact and high-intensity flashlight with only 92.5mm in length, and it delivers a max 2800 lumens amazing output by one 18650 battery. The metal and electronic tail switch control various functions including smooth ramping, stepped mode setting, strobe, etc. It is the EDC flashlight of choice if you are a flashaholic, flashlight collector, etc.

Lumintop FW3A LED Options:

The Lumintop FW3A EDC light comes in four different LED Options. You can purchase it with the CREE XPL-HI CW cool white version, the CREE XPL-HI NW neutral white version, the Luminus SST-20 4000k high-cri version, and the Nichia 219C 4000k warm white version.  The CREE XPL Hi Flux is ~2800 lumens with a max beam intensity of around 10,000 candela and it is rated at around 200 meters of throw. 


What kind of optic is used with the Lumintop FW3A?

The Lumintop FW3A EDC flashlight comes with a standard TIR optical lens.

What firmware is used with the Lumintop FW3A Flashlight

The firmware installed in the Lumintop FW3A flashlight is called Anduril and it was created by ToyKeeper who is active on the BLF Budget Light Forum and also active on Reddit. You can find her Patreon page here if you would like to contribute to her work and also find a nice user diagram of the user interface. The firmware is free to use and update if the flashlight allows it and you have the technical know-how to do it.

What makes the user interface of the Lumintop FW3A EDC light special?

The Anduril user interface is unlike any flashlight UI you may have come across and is quite feature-rich with many different options to use. The FW3A defaults to a smooth ramping of the brightness levels making it easy to go up and down to find just the right brightness level you want.  It provides instant access to turbo mode. You can also configure it for stepped ramping, momentary mode, muggle mode and it has an electronic lockout mode to help prevent accidental activation. Some of the other features of the user interface include battery check, sunset, beacon, tactical strobe, party strobe, bike flasher, candlelight, and lightning storm mode.

What kind of driver is used within the Lumintop FW3A?

The version we have available at the moment has a FET+7+1 driver with a low parasitic drain while OFF. Lumintop has been updating the Lumintop FW3A flashlight so there may be different versions on the market. Should you have any questions please shoot us an email.

What is the body of the Lumintop FW3A made from?

The body of the Lumintop FW3A torch is made from aluminum with hard-coat anodizing. It has been made in many different colors such as grey, blue, purple, army green, black and raw aluminum.


What kind of switch is used with the FW3A flashlights?

The Lumintop FW3A EDC series flashlight comes with an electronic tail switch and clicky machined steel button.

What are the dimensions of the Lumintop FW3A like?

The Lumintop FW3A flashlight head is 25.5 mm and is 92.5mm in length. It weighs around 53 grams without a battery installed. We do have a 18500 and 18350 tube available in the accessories section of our website to allow you to run a shorter battery in the flashlight. If you would like a slightly smaller light you should give the FWAA a good look! You can find the FWAA Aluminum here, the FWAA Copper here, and the FWAA Titanium here

What batteries should you use with the Lumintop FW3A?

For the light to operate properly, you should use a 18650 unprotected high drain flat top cell rechargeable battery capable of 10A or greater. The batteries you choose should be no longer than 66mm. Button top cells or protected cells are not recommended. The FW3A does not have internal charging so an external charger will be needed.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

The light is great, exactly what I ordered. The threading is smooth and the light is extremely bright in such a small package. Box was well put together and shipped/delivered extremely fast. If killzone has what you want don’t hesitate to purchase from here!

Wesley E.
Very satisfied. Personal favorite.

I'm new to flashlights as a hobby and higher powered lights in general. So take what I have to say with a grain of salt. I'm very happy with this light. It's smaller than I expected and just feels like a high quality device in your hand. Nothing is loose, jiggles, or rattles. The finish is nice but I'm not sure how long it will hold up. It's already showing little wear from my keys and it being in the same pocket. But that's kind of expected. It does get warm quickly and can get uncomfortably hot if you play around the with thermal configuration. Again, totally expected and not a problem if you've looked into what you are getting. If I were to buy this again, and I very well may. I'd buy a version that is a little warmer tint.