Killzone Flashlights Raptor Scan Light

The Killzone Flashlights Raptor is one of the brightest, most durable zoomable flashlights available on the market today. We have tested it up against some of the most respected flashlights in the industry and the Raptor is brighter by a large margin.  The Raptor is manufactured out of durable aircraft grade aluminum which will stand up to a great deal of abuse when out in the field. The LED module that houses the LED and electronics is fully potted with a special epoxy commonly used in the aerospace industry to ensure that the Raptor can withstand the most extreme weapon recoil or shock from an accidental drop. The potting compound is poured into the LED module completely filling and covering all components, wires, and connections within the module. Once the potting compound solidifies around the wires and circuitry it ensures that the components, wires and solder connections within the module can never come loose or be damaged due to shock or by coming into contact with liquids.  

The Raptor can zoom from flood to spot with one full revolution of the flashlight head making it easy to adjust the intensity of the beam and the area that it illuminates. In addition to being able to adjust the beam, you can also increase or decrease the beam intensity by cycling between the low, mid and high modes. If you are in the market for a bright, durable hunting light that works great for hunting hogs, predators or varmints on the darkest nights this is the light for you! . With the red led module you can expect full body illumination at up to 385 yards, 450 yards with the green LED module and up to 400 yards with the infrared LED module combined with a night vision scope. With the Raptor attached to your favorite rifle or shotgun, the hunting does not stop when the sun goes down! You will be prepared to go after and get more hogs, predators and varmints by adding this flashlight to your arsenal! 


What is included with the Killzone Flashlights Raptor Scan Light?


1.) One Killzone Flashlights Raptor zoomable flashlight capable of identifying hogs, coyotes and varmints out to 385+ yards. Light up their eyes out further than that!

2.) Battery extension tube

** Batteries are not included ** We recommend the EVVA 3500mAh batteries for extended runtimes but the EVVA/KeepPower 2600mAh works great too!


** This model does not have the Intensity control tail cap. The Intensity Control Version can be found here **

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