The XTAR D4 is a simple but fast 4 bay Li-ion charger included in XTAR's AC Power Series line of chargers. The XTAR D4 does not include an LCD screen likes its big brother XTAR X4 model. If you think you would benefit from an LCD screen that will provide you additional information about the charging of your batteries please check out the XTAR X4

The XTAR D4 is designed to charge various sizes of Li-ion batteries and do it safely. It can charge Li-ion 3.6/3.7V rechargeable Li-ion IMR/INR/ICR cells in sizes14500/14650/16340/17335/17500/17670/18350/18500,18650/18700/20700/21700/22650/26650


The XTAR D4 has a max charge rate of 1A when using all four slots and 2A charge rate when charging two batteries. If you want to charge your batteries slower or when charging smaller cells choose the inner two slots for 0.5A charging. The XTAR D4 will go through three charging stages TC/CC/CV to help maximize your batteries lifespan.

It includes a durable shell with high heat resistance and great heat dissipation to help ensure safety while charging your batteries. The XTAR D4 is a simple, feature-rich battery charger that you can depend on for all of your charging needs!


Input Power: 100-240V ~50/60Hz 0.8A

Cut-off voltage: 4.2V +/- 0.05V

Charge current: 2A x 2 / 1A x 4 / 0.5A x 2 ( Slot2 and 3) + 1A x 2
Dimensions: 130mm x118mm x 36mm
Weight: 200g (without batteries and power cord)

Compatible with: 
Li-ion: 3.6/3.7V Rechargeable Li-ion IMR/INR/ICR

Please Note: The D4 cannot fit protected 20700/21700 cells.

What's Included:
D4, Power Cord, Manual


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